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Looking for a freelance website designer/developer?

You can find details of my skills/specialities and get a fair idea what I have to offer right here... If you want more detail or want to discuss what I can do for your company/business; please don't hesitate to call , email or use my simple contact form to drop me a message.


The building blocks of most websites. I write clean and concise HTML & CSS in my sleep. I like to keep my commenting to a minimum. I'm always fascinated by the latest css tricks and frustrated that there are people out there using old browsers that won't support them (like every website designer/developer, Internet Explorer is the bain of my existence).


If you arrived here looking for a Wordpress guru, congratulations. I have built hundreds of websites and my CMS (content management system) of choice is Wordpress.

Wordpress is simple yet dynamic; allowing for small, modest sites (where users may only wish to edit and add pages). As well as larger, more complicated sites (with features ranging from an ecommerce store front to an events calendar and news feed). The Wordpress backend is very simple and user friendly, it can also be customised to allow different levels of access.

Photoshop / GIMP / Image Editing & Creation

I use GIMP (an open-source image editing software) to design & create. It is common practice for me to receive a completed website design in image format and for me to break down this image and create a fully functioning website; this is another task I can complete in my sleep.


I am relatively new to jQuery. I've undertaken several online tutorials and completed small amounts of work in the language. My confidence grows every day that I am able to apply the theory in a practical environment.

Under construction

Lots more to follow - check back soon

I'm very lucky to enjoy my work. If you'd like to hear how I may be able to help you, just get in touch.

I'm not a salesman, I'm a website developer. There's no hassle, no obligation and no charge.

You can call me on , email me at , or just drop me a message using this simple contact form.

Damien is a high quality, fast working and easy to work with Website Developer, plus a thoroughly nice man too. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services.

Nicholas Jervis, Marketing Consultant

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